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How We’ll Market Your Home!

Our exclusive Home Marketing System

We can offer a complete marketing program that exposes a home for sale to more potential buyers. Our goal is to reach every possible buyer in every possible way.

Our Home Marketing System is designed to help you sell your home at the best possible price, for the most favorable terms, in the shortest period of time, with the least inconvenience to you. It provides wider exposure for your home, from complete internet presence to mass media and online advertising.

No one else has as comprehensive a program. Not only will we develop an effective pricing strategy for your home, but we will advertise and market your home more aggressively than anyone. If you’ve been told that setting a price and putting a sign in your yard is most of the work … and that a broker’s own website will do the rest, you’re not getting the effort you deserve. 

Online Visibility

The most-visited site for local home searches, provides detailed information about your property and your neighborhood. Tens of thousands of local home buyers find an up-to-date, more complete, more detailed and more user-friendly web experience. It’s the information buyers are looking for in an easy-to-use format.

HomeTour 360º 3D Tours

When is a virtual tour not a virtual tour? When it’s a truly immersive 360º 3D experience! This optional marketing tool is a hi-def 360° tour of every room in your home. Cutting-edge technology allows online visitors to “walk” through your home with 360º views of every room.

Real Estate Apps
My mobile apps give buyers the tools they want in their search. It has exciting tools like HomeSpotter GPS, allowing you to use your device’s camera to review home for sale and sold wherever you are. Install the app on your device today and see what I mean when we say it’s addictive.

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Local and national homes for sale internet exposure

Home buyers use the internet to search for homes but we don’t know which website the future buyer of your home is using. Your home receives exposure through dozens of national websites such as,,,,, google, Yahoo!, and local websites. If a home buyer is online, they’ll find your home.

Zillow, Trulia, homes for sale exposure

Your home MUST be found on every real estate website, which we provide. On the top 3 sites internationally, I’m identified next to your home’s details, giving buyers a chance to reach out directly to me for 100% correct information.

Homes for Sale Virtual Tours
Through an exclusive agreement with Paradym, the world’s largest provider of virtual tours, your home will have a virtual tour to engage buyers looking at your home for sale. This tour gives buyers another reason to select your home for a personal visit. 
Professional Photography and Staging
We hire professional photographers & stagers at no cost to you.
Take-One Flyers and Boxes
In front of every home I place my exclusive Take-One Boxes. Every buyer wants information on your home for sale and we provide it! These flyers contain property information featuring full-color photos and highlights of all of your home’s features and benefits. Even better, we work together to ensure that the boxes remain filled with flyers.
Feature Cards
Strategically placed throughout your home, feature cards remind visitors of the best features your home offers.
Broker Listing Cooperative (BLC)
Formerly known as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the BLC offers information and photography placement offers a competitive presence for each listing on the computerized multiple listing services.
Yard Signs

You’ll get strategic placement our signs standing out among the clutter. Your home will be more visible to more potential buyers.

Home Warranty
Plans are available to make your home more attractive to home buyers throughout central Indiana.
CloudCMA Price Analysis
Our CloudCMA is complete and easy-to-understand(!). It pulls together all possible “comps” for your home, presenting them with complete details and all their photos, both for currently on sale and for sold homes. You can quickly understand the differences between your home and others, how that affects values and why your Carpenter agent suggests the pricing options they present.
Internet Lead Management

Believe it or not, 3/4 of all internet real estate inquiries go unanswered. WHAT?!?!? Every inquiry is responded to within two hours, seven days a week. Our commitment: buyers get the respect, service and answers they deserve.

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