Deb met Shawn and Brittany at an open house and listened to their story, they told Deb they were in the beginning stage of adoption and Shawn wanted home of their own for Brittany and their future child.
We looked at many homes before finding the home of their dreams and by then, their beautiful little girl was now part of their family. The home on Royal Oakland was the perfect home the negotiations became difficult but they
quickly learned that Deb was not one to give up until they had an accepted offer.  Here is what Shawn & Brittany had to say about working with Deb:

When I first met Deb my family and I was going through the home buying process as a first-time home buyer. There were so many questions and options to choose from, at the time my wife and I just wanted to find someplace where we could raise our family without having to deal with all of the hassle of people trying to over sell themselves or force us into a home or product that in the end we would feel uncomfortable with.
I remember one-night scrolling through and seeing a home that was listed and was having an open house. Naturally my wife and I went to check it out and we opened the door there stood Deb ready to make everyone that walked through the door feel like a customer, friend, or dare I would say, family. Although that was not the home of our choice, after meeting with Deb she left us with the feeling of family.

This is exactly the feeling that you want when selling your home or going for a new purchase, maybe even a second or third purchase, that I have the support of my family. Deb is a Realtor that you can trust, and you know takes the time to understand your needs and desires because this is a huge investment and for some, a lifetime commitment. Your children will grow up in the home you choose and so will their friends. You will share memories of birthday parties, Christmas and family gatherings, so you want to feel settled in your heart without any doubts that years later you made the right choice.

If you are looking for a home or looking to sell your home, Deb is absolutely that, “The Right Choice!” I could not find a better person that even after the buying process, that I have entrusted as family more than Deb. She will make sure that all the insecurities and the bureaucracy that comes with buying a home is removed and in the end your family will say, “We Made the RIGHT CHOICE”. Choose Deb for your future real estate needs